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It has never been easier than today to generate true impact. Costly and large marketing campaigns are no longer required. Thanks to the power and determination of the crowd, as a crowd you can really make a difference.  

Africa, Today, Tomorrow is an initiative that will embrace and unleash the power of the crowd for the protection of wildlife and quality of life of the people in Africa.  The first project that we will accomplish thanks to 'the crowd' is the fundraising and promotion of global awareness campaign of the movieproducers since'88 about the poor and ill equiped anti poaching teams in the less known and smaller wildlife preserves in Africa, poachers are able to kill wildlife there everyday. This has to stop that's why Africa, Today, Tomorrow.

The crowd selects the project that will be realised each quarter. 

Every participant of the crowd only pays € 10 bijdragen. Thanks to online, network and content marketing The Africa Today Tomorrow crowd will be increased to more than 10,000. With 10,000 people you can achieve a lot. Everyone will experience the power of the crowd with the first project that will be realised together. 

The crowd and result will develop as follows thanks to all kinds of activities. 

Week 1: 20 

Week 2: 60 

Week 3: 120 

Week 4: 240 

Week 5: 480

Week 6: 960

Week 7: 1920

Week 8: 3840

Week 9: 7680

Week 10: 10,000+  



With kind regards, 

David Berg -  Africa Today Tomorrow