Many if us are familiar with the larger nature reserves of Africa, but there are also many smaller ones that are poorly funded and the anti poaching teams are ill equiped and have almost no training in defeating and catching the poachers. 

So wildlife is being killed every day as a result. That has to stop! 

Aside from an amazing awareness campaign movie that will be made by the renowned since '88 in Amsterdam the funds raised by Africa, Today, Tomorrow will also finance better equipment for the teams and training by former military. 

The particpants of the 'Africa, Today, Tomorrow' crowd will receive an invitation to watch the campaignmovie before its released and also get the chance to attend the 'laucnh event' of that campaign. 


The progress and impact of the project will be shared with 'the crowd'. 

The next project to be funded by Africa, Today, Tomorrow will be selected by the crowd.  


Fundraising goal:  80.000 euro

Planning: Oktober- december 2019


The project of this quarter