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Africa, Today, Tomorrow for Africa

Its high time more attention was given to the significance of Africa for the rest of the world. Africa receives too much negative press about corruption and criminal acts but Africa has so many positive contributions to share and those stories are worth telling.

Africa, Today, Tomorrow is an initiative of David Berg a fundraising expert from the Netherlands. For many years David has been inspired by the potential and impact Africa is having on the world around us. There are many initiatives that are transforming Africa and harnessing the power of the existing values and morals of the African Culture.

With Africa, Today, Tomorrow a community will be created of many thousands of members around the world that will share, contribute and accelerate the success of many initiatives that are contributing to the prosperity and welfare of the people and nature of Africa.

Every quarter an initaitive is chosen for which funds will be raised so that it can succeed. Each initiative will be monitored and assisted in maintaining and increasing their impact.

E-book Africa, Today, Tomorrow

In order to create more awareness and create the global community many actions will be undertaken. Our first milestone is to acquire a community of 10,000 members, the power of crowds will than be unleashed to connect many initiatieves, share knowledge, raise funds and to provide the many initiatives a platform where they get the attention they deserve.

The E-book wil consist of articles focussing on the contribution of civilisations on our world today, resources, economic value, nature, wildlife, culture benefits and technological innovations. Many experts will be invited to add their stories to the E-book. The webportal for Africa

Africa, Today, Tomorrow will build a webportal that will provide as a startingpage for access to many global webshops. By becoming an affliliate of those websites, a small contribution will be paid to Africa, Today, Tomorrow for each visit and/or purchase a visitor or community member of Africa, Today, Tomorrow makes to the selected webshops. This way everyone can contribute to the success and fundraising of Africa, Today, Tomorrow without actually donating but simply going to the webportal.

Community membership is only € 10

Everyone can become a community member by contributing only € 10. This way anyone can join and the power of crowd can be harnessed for the benefit of all.

The initiative of this quarter

The International Conservation Foundation has been founded to train and equip the impoverished wildlife parks in Africa. Due to lack of funds, materials poachers can still kill wildlife daily. ICF will raise awareness for this tragedy by making a documentary and create global awareness. Aside from this awareness campaign they will train the rangers to fight against the poachers and more.

Join the community

To join the community is easy visit and click on 'join the community' and contribute € 10 via credit card or direct debit.

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Africa Today Tomororow supports and organizes fundraising campaigns for the benefit of the people and wildlife of Africa

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