Frequently asked questions

What is NLP?

NLP is the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. According to me it is a manual of living better life. The concept of NLP was developed in 1970 by Richard Bandler, a computer scientist and John Grinder, a linguistic Professor who were working on University thesis about developing the model of human behavior to understand why some people are successful and some are failure, why some people enjoy doing certain tasks while others think the same task is difficult and all this is happening in the same environment.

Neuro: This word represents the neuron in our mind.

Linguistic: This part of NLP focus on the language used by human being.

Programming: This word is taken from the field of computer where programmers work on a specific program to make things better in such a way that anybody uses the program is bound to get the same results, provided the inputs are correct.

Till date millions of people have got benefit from NLP. The best part is that it is context free, you can apply NLP techniques on improving various elements of life like health, wealth, relationship, career, goal setting etc. it is useful for corporate executives, students, teachers, businessmen, sports players, doctors, engineers and to all such people who are in search of finding solutions to their problems or finding ways by which they can have a wonderful life ahead. Come and learn with us… we won’t let you down! And our learning involves a lot of exercises. You won’t be just stuck to your seat but will be doing great activities either individually or in a group.

Why should I attend this NLP Practitioner Certification program with Yogesh?

Great question!!

Journey of Yogesh is inspiring & motivating as well, way back he started his career as a steward in a star hotel to currently Internationally Certified Trainer, travelling various countries for learning & trainings, the journey is just amazing. Yogesh comes with vast learning experiences. Not just from a career standpoint, also from personal life (Relationships / Spirituality / Friends) point of view. Given the experiences in his life, he struggled through a lot of negative emotions and unwanted states of mind. While you train with Yogesh, he will take you through how to successfully apply your learnings to your day to day life and make the changes that you have always wanted to make. And this can be done in any area of life, may be health, wealth, relationship, career, business etc. So, you can get the life you want. Yogesh is knowledge seeker & voyager, which helps him ‘connecting the dots. He is a firm believer that everything starts & ends with mind only & he always focuses on how to let mind work for you & not the opposite way.

He is one of the few people in India who are Certified Trainer of the prestigious American Board of NLP. Also, he is a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP form the society of NLP & learned directly under the guidance of Dr. Richard Bandler. Once you are connected with him you can experience his supportive nature & his way of giving from bottom of his heart.

Why should I attend NLP Practitioner Certification Course?

If you want to have a clarity in Life, this is for you. If you are searching your answers related to health, wealth, relationship, business, career then you are on the right path of becoming NLP Practitioner. Many a times ‘You’ are the real enemy of ‘You’. Have you observed that one part of you always want to have better life whereas another part of you don’t allow you to do so. Many times you have decided to wake up in the morning or to do exercise daily or to start new business or to achieve something in your life but just look back & see what happened. Imagine only if you know how to deal with this, how great your life would be.

How can NLP Practitioner help me in my life?

NLP Practitioner will help you as a person, in proportion to exactly how much you want to help yourself.

If you are a go-getter, a knowledge thirsty soul always wanting to change and develop your thinking and learning styles then this will help you tremendously.

If you are happy and don’t need any help in improving yourself, your health, finances, relationships then you can help others! If one mind like yours has so many thoughts … then you can help so many other people to deal with their thoughts of similar nature.

Is NLP hype?

Surely not, it’s not hype. It’s been around for over 4 decades now and was founded by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder. NLP acts as a manual of Life.

Let’s take an example of an orchestra. Isn’t it amazing how so many people come together, all playing their instrument to perfection in absolutely the right harmony and keeping to the timing and the beat? They stick to the right tone, and only if they are in sync will they be able to produce a pleasant tune. And for all that to happen they need a conductor! So, NLP is like the conductor of the mind!

What value will NLP Practitioner add to my CV?

Not only to your CV but the benefits of NLP Practitioner program will make you a person of your own will. You will be in a better position to control your mind, have better rapport with others, set goal & achieve them & so many other things you could do with your NLP Practitioner. Once you show your International Certification of NLP Practitioner, it will be easy for you to get an entry in any Corporate office to train, counsel or coach people over there.

If I want to continue my journey in NLP, what are the steps?

After completing NLP Practitioner program, you will become eligible to go for NLP Master Practitioner & later can apply for NLP Trainer. Believe me it is a wonderful journey. If you are passionate enough you can cover all three levels in one year or may develop your skills over a period & then go for NLP Trainer level. It is not compulsory for all to become NLP Trainer; many get benefited by NLP Practitioner itself & some go for Master Practitioner of NLP.

Is NLP a stable skill set?

NLP is not a skill set. It’s a methodology that you can use when you think. It’s a framework of references that you refer to every time you need to make a decision …. So, for example,

If you need to make a career decision, or a relationship decision or a Spirituality decision or a financial decision – This methodology will help you to thoroughly question the motives and intentions behind the decision, which in turn will make you take a better decision. Now, why would you not want to have a handy methodology like that at your disposal?!!!

Is NLP & Hypnosis same?

No, but NLP uses some aspects of Hypnosis as a model developed by Milton Erickson. In NLP Practitioner, you will learn how to use hypnotic language to get results from the other person.

So, what happens after I finish NLP Practitioner Certification program?

The first thing is that you will apply all your NLP skills on yourself & see the results. After getting the results you will apply on others & help them in their life, the area could be anything from money to relationship or from sports to spirituality. I guarantee, you will see a wonderful result within the program itself. You will see all the things in a different manner. In NLP we say Perception is Projection, so in the course your perception will change which will help in changing your projection.

I can’t make these dates, is there a later batch?

Well, as of now if it’s not something that you can shift around in your calendar then it must be very important. Our Calendar is still being planned and we will add you to our mailing list and keep you informed of any future batches.

What is the price offer and payment plans on the fees of the program?

Well, to begin with we are charging INR 60,000/- per participant as you will be certified under the prestigious American Board of NLP. (You may check if any discount or offer going on currently)

Payment Plans: - As the amount is not very big in comparison to some of the other purchases you have made in the past, we would be more than happy to receive 50% of the amount in advance & remaining 50% you can pay on Day 1 of the course. If you are facing any financial challenge & would like to pay in installments, you may discuss with us & we assure you to have some way out.

How can I pay for NLP Practitioner Certification Program?

Once you confirm your admission, you may pay be Bank transfer, online payment or by Credit Cards as well.

I think 60000/- is a costly affair for me.

Believe me NLP Practitioner is a life changing Certification Course. It is not a motivational program in which you get high for few days & later you are back to pavilion. The NLP Practitioner certification course changes you inside out, you will get lots of insights, lots of wow moments during the course. You have see your investment in formal education which goes into lacs of rupees as compare to that NLP Practitioner offers you a wonderful platform where you can take control of your life & you can get the life you want.

It also includes the cost of Certification from the American Board of NLP.

Believe me, by doing few coaching sessions many of our NLP Practitioners have recovered the fees in less than 6 months. Think Value & not price.

Can you provide some Video testimony of previous participants?

Video testimony of Past Participants

Mixed Video Testimony feb. 2020 batch - NLP Practitioners

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