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Oliver van Noort.

Oliver van Noort.




ENJOY ONE of the Beautiful fortified cities of the Netherlands ( 20 minutes east of A'dam)

Naarden-Vesting, NL

Visit the castle of Muiden, a castle with a rich and colorful history. 

Muiden, NL

Relax and visit the lakes of the Netherlands. Rent a boat, picknick on the islands and more. 

Loosdrecht, NL

Eat at one of the inspiring locations next to a fortress and its canon. 

Weesp- Fort Uitermeer, NL

Visit the amazing estates the rich of Amsterdam lived in. 

's Graveland, NL

VISIT and relax in the city that for not too long was german. 

Vianen, NL

The guided

tours in a small bus. 

There is almost no better way than to explore and enjoy the amazing places, landscape and nature near Amsterdam than by bus.

With a small bus you can really visit the villages and heritage locations.


And especially with the driver also being the guide. 

The bus will ride from the center of Amsterdam. The tour takes about 3 hours or more. 

If you wish to join the franchise network of Holland Heritage please contact us.

Funding campaign for Dutch Heritage


To preserve, maintain and renovate Dutch Heritage locations much money is needed. Also for new activities that will be organized on heritage locations.

To contribute to the funding needs of Dutch heritage they can participate in the 'Getcrowdfunded'programmefor advice,support and financing.   

6 Holland Heritage attractions can join the Getcrowdfunded programme & campaign from June 1. For more information contact us.  

Promotional campaign to 

attract more tourists

The Dutch heritage locations aren't yet receiving the promotion and accessibility they deserve. Next to the guided tours in a small bus, Holland Heritage we will also create a inspiring video and social campaign and a creative promotional activity in Amsterdam. More details to follow.


The Holland Heritage guided tours is just one way to promote Dutch Heritage attractions. If you are interested to feature in our campaign than please contact us, 


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